"Already at the end of the second chapter, my husband said BEST GIFT EVER."
Emma T.

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Love Master Academy™

THE SLOW SEX - The 10 Secrets of Relaxed Love

THE SLOW SEX - The 10 Secrets of Relaxed Love

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The 10 Secrets of the Millennial Method of Slow Sex

All the secrets to making Love in the most natural, engaging and pleasurable way you have ever experienced. You will profoundly improve your relationship and every other aspect of your life.

Exercises and practical tips for a new sexuality as a couple

All the techniques contained within The Slow Sex are practical, simple, safe, and suitable for all types of couples and ages. Experience the beauty of slow sex now!

Proven methods for experiencing sex in its most Natural and profound form

Get to know your own and your partner's body better to increase self-confidence and reach extraordinary new levels of pleasure and awareness.

+ 2 exclusive bonus gifts!

2 fantastic Bonus freebies to experience The Slow Sex as fully as possible:

- 432 Hz music specifically to increase couple connection and activate sexual energy

- Secrets of the New Mindset in the Couples of the Future, printable digital content
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The Slow Sex: the ancient Art of Relaxed Love

Within The Slow Sex we have combined age-old wisdom on elevated sexuality and spiritual connection with the latest scientific findings in psychology and self-healing. 
You will be guided step-by-step through a transformative journey with exercises and practical advice that will immediately rekindle the flame of your love and lead you to experience unimagined, heart-driven pleasure.
👉🏻 You feel trapped in an endless couple routine
👉🏻 You have lost the flame that once burned in your relationship
👉🏻 You are struggling with intimacy issues under the sheets
👉🏻 You are living a happy love story but inside you know that you and your partner might have something more

Discover the 10 Millennial Secrets of Slow Sex 🗝️

In the 170 pages of "The Slow Sex," we will reveal the 10 age-old secrets that have guided couples through the centuries toward a more natural, higher and absolutely more fulfilling sexuality.

You will be surprised to discover how fulfilling the sexual sphere will transform every other area of your life, also determining in a concrete and tangible way your results in work, success, relationships and abundance.
You will literally radiate a new Light and energy, everyone will wonder what has changed in you! 
👉🏻 And all thanks to a truly more complete and extraordinary sex 👈🏻

📖 Moreover, thanks to the "3 BIG REVELATIONS" encapsulated in the final part of the book, you will forever change your perception not only of the relationship you are in, but also of yourself and your personal journey.

You are about to experience a real revolution, this is a promise.

Collapsible content


🎵 BONUS 1: 432 Hz Music to Awaken Sexual Energy 🎵

Over an hour of highly beneficial music to awaken sexual energy and couple's connection.5 music tracks (+2 extra tracks for emotional cleansing) specially written to increase the effectiveness of The Slow Sex techniques.

The special 432 Hz pitch in resonance with Nature and the setting of the mixing elements according to the "math of 8" make it perfect and unique for your most intimate union.

Collapsible content


 💭 BONUS 2: The Mindset of the Couple of the Future and Printable Content 💭   

Digital sheets and inspiring content to print at home to take couple communication to a new level of awareness.

Improving the couple connection (PDF)
Love Memo (cards to print and cut out)
My Gratitude List (gratitude journal to print out)
Remember Me (cards to print and cut out)

You are one step away from really changing your life

Your relationship deserves to shine, to explore untried horizons, and to experience ever more intense and living passion.
We are waiting for you to experience this wonderful journey together!

To your happiness,
the Love Master Academy™ team

"It changes your life, I had never read something like this. Practical, very useful but at the same time poetic and moving"
Olivia S.


Your frequently asked questions

What is The Slow Sex?

The Slow Sex is a PDF digital book on the Slow Love method. Inside the zipper folder (which you will receive after purchase to your personal email), you will find 2 other PDF digital contents for free, to elevate your love story to 360°.

Is slow sex suitable for me?

Yes, The Slow Sex is really for everyone and all ages.The beauty of this book is that there are no fixed protocols or rules to follow. It can also be read just as an informative or inspirational book. Slow Love helps you express who you are deep inside and elevate your love through practices, tips and exercises applicable by everyone, which you can take one at a time within your relationship (respecting your own and your partner's time). Each person will take what he or she is ready to receive. Each of you is unique and your path in Slow Love will be unique.

Can I practice it even during pregnancy?

We are not therapists, sexual counselors and we do not replace any professional medical figure, so we advise you, just in case, to seek the advice of a specialist. The Slow Love method teaches how to make Love in the most natural way that is most connected with our deepest feeling. Each couple will be able to adapt this method according to their period of life, their physical and emotional condition, but above all according to their own feeling.

Is it also suitable for people of advanced age?

"The Slow Sex" is designed for all ages, and is also perfect for the differently young :-) Inside the book you will find tips and practices adaptable to even the most common characteristics of relationships in old age, allowing you to keep your sexuality alive and explore new nuances of your love.

Is slow sex boring?

No, and by trying it you will see that! Certainly this method leads to a different approach to sexuality than we are used to in the modern age. What makes it extraordinary is that although the pace inevitably slows down, the intensity of physical pleasure, inner sensations, and connection with your partner will increase more and more. You will never want to go back. This is a promise :-)

Can this method also be practiced by same-sex couples or couples of other orientations?

Within "The Slow Sex" we always refer lexically to a couple consisting of a man and a woman, but the same principle also applies to same-sex couples or couples of other orientations. In fact, if the couple is balanced, polarities can be expressed despite the fact that the two partners are of the same sex since one of them will be the carrier of male energy while the other will be the carrier of female energy.

What is your policy on refunds?

If after reading this book we have failed to inspire or expand even a small part of your life or view of sexuality, you can request the full amount of the package back. Write an email request specifying the reasons within 15 days of your purchase to info@lovemasteracademy.com. We will evaluate your request as soon as possible.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is our priority.
We know how important privacy and discretion is, especially in such a personal and intimate setting.
For this reason, your order and email will remain absolutely anonymous, not appearing in any section of the site.
For more specifics, please see our page dedicated to privacy policy.

How does instant downloading work?

After making your purchase you will receive a link on your personal email (which you will indicate in the checkout).Through that link you will download the folder where you will find The Slow Sex - digital book and 2 more Bonus gifts (digital PDF content), to elevate your love story to 360°.

With what devices can I read the digital book?

The Slow Sex digital book and all bonus content are in PDF format, fully compatible with any smartphone, tablet or computer. Read it on your preferred device!