"This music is incredible, it really manages to reconnect you to your center"
Chantal G.

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Love Master Academy™

Music Playlist 432 Hz - Ocean Whispers

Music Playlist 432 Hz - Ocean Whispers

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Music conceived and made for your love

90 minutes of highly beneficial 432 Hz music designed to awaken sexual energy and couple connection ❤️

Conceived for your love, realized according to the Laws of Nature.

For a more natural and elevated intimate connection

🌱 The special 432 Hz pitch, resonating with Nature, make this music perfect and unique for your deepest and most intimate union 🌱

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🔊 Original 432 Hz music by Love Master Academy™

Each Love Master Academy™ music album contains 3 tracks recorded at 432 Hz and 256 Hz, totaling more than 90 minutes of music for the body, mind and soul.

The sound waves of these songs are highly beneficial and made specifically to awaken sexual energy and couple connection.

In fact, thanks to the special pitch of these musics, our organism is able to return to its natural vibration in resonance with the Universe.

What happens in the body when listening to this kind of music?

Everything in Nature has the same structural characteristics and mathematical relationships, governed by the famous Golden Ratio. 🌿

From the motion of the planets in the solar system to the germination sequence of a seed, everything is governed by one great universal mathematical formula. Even our biology follows these rules. In short, the whole Universe resonates in one great symphony! 🎵💫
👉🏻 The tracks you will listen to were written to bring you to resonate with the All that surrounds us and enter a state of deep well-being and inner realignment. Specifically, the sound waves will resonate with your biochemical structures realigning them to their natural vibration 🧬
Everyday life is increasingly stressful and alienating.
We are becoming more and more distracted and distant from our center, our cells are vibrating at frequencies that are not natural and beneficial, and all this obviously affects our sex life!
👉🏻 As you listen to these musics, you will not only be able to relax wrapped in their dreamy and harmonic atmospheres, but you will automatically realign your systems and your cellular vibration 🔬
👉🏻 Listening to this music WHILE MAKING LOVE with your partner will help you go even deeper into each other because your frequencies will align more easily, triggering a synergistic process of well-being, relaxation and pleasure ❤️

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