Slow Sex: find out how to IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIP LIFE right away.

Slow Sex: find out how to IMPROVE your RELATIONSHIP LIFE right away.

As you scroll word by word through this article you will begin to discover that there is a method for taking your connection and sexuality with your partner to a new level.
It is a millennia-old method that has already changed the lives of thousands of people around the world and is gaining the attention of numerous exponents of modern science and soul-searching.

From England to Canada through the research of psychoanalyst Barnaby B. Barratt and the books of Carl Honoré. From France to the United States with the findings of sex therapist Alain Héril, independent researchers Anne and Jean-François Descombes, and the books of American author James N. Powell... just to name a few.

Slow Sex is literally spreading like wildfire!

But don't be fooled by the name, Slow Sex is an extraordinary, dynamic and exciting revolution that will bring new lifeblood within your life as a couple 😉

"Okay I get it, but what exactly is
this Slow Sex?

Slow Sex is a set of innovative sexual practices and mindsets that focus on deep couple connection, presence in the present moment, and physical and emotional pleasure.

As you scroll through each line of this article you will get closer and closer to the magic of this method and realize the beauty it can bring from today within your life.

You deserve all the wonder this universe can offer, and you have the power to truly create your own happiness, well-being, and pleasure!

Go all the way to the bottom of this page and you will discover how.

Slow Sex:


Here are the five reasons why this millennial method can transform your life as a couple into a magical, exciting and extraordinary adventure:

INCREASES INTIMACY: It will take your connection with your partner to a deeper level. Through the secrets of this method you will be able to build emotional intimacy that will strengthen your bond forever.

REDUCE STRESS: Slow Sex brings you into a more relaxed and calm state. It helps to focus on the breath, on a more conscious physicality and on achieving a dimension of serenity and inner peace.
The great thing is that all these benefits will then also be experienced in daily life, outside the bedroom ;-)

AN INFINITE PLEASURE: The secrets of Slow Sex lead to a pleasure never experienced before, help you get to know your own body and that of your partner, leading you to experience orgasms much deeper and more involving than we are used to.

HEALING FROM SEXUAL PROBLEMS: If you are experiencing physical problems or sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, decreased desire, difficulty reaching orgasms, premature ejaculation...) the methods and techniques of Slow Sex help resolve the problems at the root of these discomforts, marking the path to deep and lasting healing.

TRUST IN SELF: The millennial method of Slow Sex leads to a greater understanding and awareness of one's body, emotions and thoughts. All this inevitably triggers a deeper connection with one's sexual energy, helping to improve self-confidence.

In short, it is not just a sexual practice, but a deeper approach to intimacy and connection.
In a fast-paced society like ours, Slow Sex can offer an opportunity to find ourselves, slow down, and fully enjoy sexual and emotional pleasure together with our partner.

Slow Sex reconnects us with the strength and wisdom of our sexual energy, and because of this, it can help us overcome easily and permanently:

• Difficulties in couple communication
• Problems related to intimacy and sex life
• Clashes and difficulties at the family level
• The most common sexual problems
• Stress and difficulties in everyday life
• Work and professional problems

Wouldn't it be extraordinary if heart and sex could truly coexist?
Can you imagine a sexuality that is so natural and free that it allows you to be who you are deep inside?

Every single day, more and more couples around the world are discovering that there is a different way of making love, one that is extremely more intense and fulfilling than what we have always been used to.

They are called "The Couples of the Future" because their love is guided by the deep wisdom that lives in the heart center, thanks to the practices and secrets of Slow Love.

But here's the best part: every couple today can choose to take the path of the "Couples of the Future," simply choose to change the perspective with which they view their relationship and sexual union.

How? Read on.


Today's couple


Each of us thinks we know what "sex" means.

Since adolescence we have grown up with the idea that sexual intercourse has only one purpose: to reach orgasm.
Have you ever wondered why we call it sexual performance?

The answer is because we consider sex to be exactly that: a real performance!
We believe that to have "good sex" there are certain actions to do, areas to train, results to achieve...

All this just to "come".

It has become a real who-comes-first thing, in fact...who-comes!
There is practically no difference between 100 meters flat and making love to your partner!

We've made sex a game of who's better, a real contest of how and how often we do it, a way also to compare ourselves with other people on who's performing better.
And all of this could also be fun and exciting....

But there is a problem:
A race can have a positive or negative outcome.
In a race we can succeed or fail.

And then are we surprised if we have performance anxiety?

As if that were not enough, all this leads us to make love in a detached way, with our heads somewhere else -- absent!
We get lost in a thousand different thoughts with the goal of achieving or prolonging arousal, keeping our eyes closed and isolating ourselves in our own world.

But how did we get to this point?

Many of us approached sex in adolescence by learning it all on our own, sneaking around looking for information on the Internet, looking at pornographic material or talking about it with friends who only reported the stories they heard at the bar.

Do you remember that? Those were the only ways to find practical directions!


"We made sex
a game of who's better at it."
Peter Beamish


We had to make do, we had no teachers to guide us, and today we experience sex as a mere physical matter and instant gratification.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that; everyone experiences sex as he or she wants, and no one forbids us to continue doing it as we have done it until now.

However, we must be aware of the potential effects we might experience with this type of sexual union.

If we listen to ourselves carefully it may happen that whenever we finish making love, we feel not completely fulfilled, we feel a kind of dissatisfaction, a feeling of subtle incompleteness, frustration, inner emptiness, or melancholy...

Even if we are not aware of it very often we make love for personal gain, to get the couple going, because we feel we owe it to the other person, or because we are afraid that our partner may abandon us.

Or we experience sex as an outlet valve.

The amazing thing is that we can even experience these emotions with the person we love deeply, the one or the one we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with, our soul mate.

👉🏻 "I feel I really love him, but then why do I
do I feel down when we do?"

👉🏻 "Is there something wrong with me?"


Has this ever occurred to you?

These doubts and fears are simply the natural consequence to our current way of experiencing sex and lovemaking.

Is there a solution to this?
The answer is in the next few lines.


The couples of the Future


A revolution is taking place; the world is changing.
More and more people are realizing that it really is possible to achieve happiness to live a magical life to its fullest potential by learning the secrets of conscious, heart-driven sexuality.

Yes, guided by the heart, but we're not talking about wincing and dreamy sighs.
We need to get past the definitions we have become accustomed to, which have led us to associate the idea of "heart" with those sugary declarations of love between mullet-eyed lovers!

The real meaning is something else.

Living in the heart means living in a higher state of consciousness.
Two people who make love in each other's hearts have the ability to immerse themselves in a whole new world, transforming their being together into a truly complete, healthy, inspired and creative relationship!

A relationship on a higher level!

Try to think what it would be like to make love with your partner and get to experience emotions and sensations you never imagined.
To experience sex without a goal to achieve, without having to "do it by force," without the burden and worry of "not being enough."
Feeling complete and free to be who you are, experiencing endless ecstatic pleasure.
Feeling that you have found that missing piece, an awareness that then spills over into every aspect of your life, filling it with new light.

And it was so simple.
All it took was you.

For tomorrow's couples this is the norm, and when you read the pages of The Slow Sex it will be for you as well.

You will explore all the nuances of Slow Sex, the techniques for experiencing conscious, deep sex guided by the higher intelligence that lives in your heart.
You will learn the secrets of controlled breathing, genital intelligence, soft penetration, and much more...

Sex from before will no longer be enough for you.

The millennial method described in The Slow Sex is the key by which we can let go of our fears, heal our wounds and free ourselves to finally access boundless pleasure and passion.


If you want to learn all the secrets of the millennial method of Slow Love, here you will find the new digital book The Slow Sex signed Love Master Academy™, a complete and innovative manual to improve your sex life and increase your connection with your partner right away: CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFER!

To your happiness!

Love Master Academy™ team

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