Can't reach orgasm? Read this article.

Can't reach ORGASM? Do THIS.

Dear friend, if during sex you struggle to reach orgasm this article could really change your life.
Yes, because here you will find the tools to solve the problem at the root, where the deeper causes lurk.

As you scroll through this article you will discover the secret to being able to get a really effective and lasting resolution to your problem.
You will feel more confident and see the real possibility of really changing your situation, because you will have the tools in your hands that no one has ever given you, until now.

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The Secret to complete healing ✌🏻

If you suffer from anorgasmia and can't have orgasms this probably won't be the first article you read on the subject, but we promise it will be the last.

Do you want to know why everything you've tried so far hasn't worked?
Because you were missing the key piece, perhaps the only thing that really matters to finally get rid of your discomfort and live a sex life in which you feel confident, happy, and able to reach the highest heights of pleasure.

The secret that no one has ever told you is: reprogramming your mind.


"The mind is a powerful medicine.
With the right mental programming,
we can overcome physical challenges in surprising ways."


Our unconscious mind is full of real mental programs, depowering emotions, beliefs and habits that govern virtually 95 percent of our lives, including of course our relationship with sex.

Imagine your deepest thoughts and emotions as invisible vibrations.
These vibrations are like waves spreading out into the Universe.

Everything we experience in our lives
is a reflection of these vibrations.

If deep negative thoughts and emotions are recorded in our unconscious, they will spread their echo into our physical reality. This echo may manifest itself through problems in life, such as illness, lack of success or problems in relationships.

If you suffer from anorgasmia almost certainly within your unconscious mind there are paradigms that obstruct the smooth flow of sexual energy, then triggering that whole series of uncontrolled emotions that lead you to fail to achieve orgasm.

The good news is that you have the power to change things!
You can transform your thoughts and emotions, and consequently the reality around you.


How to clean up your
unconscious mind (in 10 minutes)


"Reprogramming your mind is the
crucial first step toward a solution."

There are several methods for going about cleaning up unconscious and limiting memories, but one in particular has proven to be extraordinarily effective and powerful.

We are talking about Ho'oponopono

Ho'oponopono is a healing method that originated in Hawaiian culture, within a reality that values harmony, forgiveness and the cleansing of negative memories. The word "Ho'oponopono" literally means "to set in order" or "to correct a mistake." The practice was popularized by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, a Hawaiian healer, who developed a modern version of Ho'oponopono.

This powerful technique allows us to rebalance the dissonant energies within each of us simply by voluntarily uttering a series of key words that can activate an inner self-healing power.


Thanks to Ho'oponopono we can go and LITERALLY CLEAN OUT.
INCONSCIOUS BLOCKS that we carry inside and that CAUSE our PROBLEM.  



The four key phrases on which Ho'oponopono is based are very simple:

"I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you."

They are phrases we address to the Universe ( or Quantum Field, or Deity, or Higher Force...) and represent an act of responsibility and awareness of our negative memories.

The deeper meaning behind each phrase is this:

  • I Love You: I align myself and rely on Love and the Universal Force that governs everything
  • I'm Sorry: I'm sorry, because I don't know where this limiting memory or belief of mine came from, how it got to me, and why I'm experiencing it
  • Please, forgive me: Forgive me for being an unwitting creator of this suffering
  • Thank You: Thank you for cleaning up this emotion and this suffering, and every memory related to it

These phrases are repeated as we focus on a painful problem or memory. The goal is to release the negative emotional load associated with that memory and thus restore harmony and balance.

Let's now go through all the steps of cleansing unconscious memories through Ho'oponopono.

✅ STEP 1 - Cleaning

The first step is to erase from the mind the problem you are experiencing, and the emotions associated with it, through a very profound symbolic act. This is a very ancient ritual known to different populations around the world

  1. Write a sentence on a piece of paper that summarizes your situation or emotion related to your problem.
    It must be a sentence that ignites something in you, that makes you feel a "click" inside. The more you can feel emotionally involved in what you write the better! Here are a couple of examples, "I don't experience orgasms and never will.", "My body is not predisposed to have orgasms," "I don't deserve to feel pleasure."

  2. Now take this paper and burn it.
    You can put it in the kitchen sink or if you have a chance in the garden/terrace of your house. Observe the sentence you wrote as it is consumed of to the flames, look at it intensely. Imagine that the same thing is happening inside you, that fire is releasing the energies that have kept you stuck until now. The problem and all the suffering related to this problem are leaving.

You can do the same thing, however, using water as the "purifying agent." It will be sufficient to dissolve the note under the jet of the tap. If you have the opportunity to go to a stream/stream/river you can entrust the note to its current that will symbolically drag away your limiting energies and beliefs.

You have no idea how much this first simple ritual can help you in the healing process!
Repeat it every day, the best times being in the morning as soon as you wake up or at night before you go to sleep.

✅ STEP 2 - Repetition

The second step we are going to implement is the recitation of the key Ho'oponopono phrases you have been able to read in the previous pages.

The process will take about 10 minutes, so find a quiet place where no one can disturb you, with no cell phone or computer open.

As first, close your eyes and focus all your attention on this problem of yours, and all the emotions it causes you.

Now bring your right hand to your heart, and your left hand to your genitals.

Remaining in this position with your eyes closed, repeat the sequence of sentences:

I Love You, I'm Sorry, Please, forgive me, Thank You.

Remember that the limiting beliefs, the dysfunctional thoughts that you have in your unconscious and that cause this problem of yours ARE NOT YOUR FAULT, only that your mind for some reason has automatically registered them.
You through the repetition of this mantra are merely leaving it to the Universal Laws to neutralize the accumulated negative energy!

Your basic thought during this cleansing should be, "Okay, I have these programs installed inside me, it is not my fault, however, it is my responsibility to clean them up. I entrust the forces of the Universe with the task of deleting them, thank you!"

You have no idea the power of this method.


✅ STEP 3 - A New Paradigm

The third and final step is to write a new paradigm in your unconscious mind.
So far you have been concerned about "making space," now you can fill this space with the best version of you!

Get a notebook, and set the goal you want to achieve, remember to write in the present tense and feel the feelings you would have if you had already achieved it.
During and after writing, remember to keep repeating in your mind the key phrases "I love you, I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you."

Here are some examples that might inspire you:

"I experience wonderful orgasms every time I make love "
"I am very happy to experience deep and intense orgasms!"
"I have full control over my pleasure."
"It is wonderful to feel that I am finally open to my body's streams of pleasure!"
"My sexual energy radiates deep pleasure in my every cell."



Believe it or not,

It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in a divine reality or the healing power of the Universe and your mind.

Ho'oponopono is an incredible and effective technique for anyone, and it activates instantly.

Beyond all the technical aspects you've read above, the mantra works every time and every time, you simply recite the words, in the order you prefer and for as long as you want (minimum for 108 times a day).
Do it every day for at least 21 days and enjoy the positive revolution it will bring to your life!

Paul M.
"I had been suffering from chronic health problems for years. After introducing Ho'oponopono into my life, I began to practice inner cleansing and forgiveness for my physical wounds. Surprisingly, I saw significant improvements in my health. Doctors were amazed at my progress, and I believe Ho'oponopono played a key role in my healing."

Angelica T.
"I discovered Ho'oponopono at a time in my life when I was struggling with deep emotional trauma. The practice of forgiveness and inner cleansing became my lifeline. As I cleansed my negative thoughts and emotions, I experienced a growing feeling of inner peace. Ho'oponopono helped me shed the burden of the past and embrace a more positive perspective on life."


Love Master Academy™, within the ebook 👉🏻 HOW TO OVERCOME FEMALE SEXUAL PROBLEMS 👈🏻 has compiled a revolutionary 3-step protocol that uses some very simple but extraordinarily effective techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) combined with the Hawaiian healing method Ho'oponopono, which will help you make space within yourself, let go of the tensions and beliefs that are now limiting you, and then replace them with new empowering and inspiring thoughts.

To your Happiness,

Love Master Academy™ team




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