3 SECRETS to making LOVE at a NEW LEVEL (as early as tonight)

3 SECRETS to making LOVE at a NEW LEVEL (as early as tonight)

What would happen if we approached sex from a certain physical, emotional and mental state, thus changing our inner energy BEFORE making love?

As you read this article, you will realize that there are certain tools to take sex to a new level right away, and that you have these tools at your fingertips in your everyday life.

In fact, you will discover the three basic secrets that will help you resonate with the energy of Slow Sex.

Life and relationships work by resonance; each of us emits our own personal vibration that profoundly affects our surroundings, events and the people around us.

Everything depends on us, on our inner state, on your vibrational frequency.
Then again, if we want to change our situation we must first change ourselves.

And sex is no exception ✌🏻

First Secret

During your week, remember
to devote moments to not doing.


Because the rhythms of the modern world are not part of our Nature.
Of course, each of us needs to be able to work, travel, cultivate our passions-we are all called to bring our qualities into the world with daily choices and actions.

But precisely to make these actions of ours effective, we also need, above all, moments of emptiness, silence, solitude and listening.

How many times in your diary have you scheduled and marked a day off?
How many hours a week do you dedicate to emptiness and silence?

Hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and prominent personalities in various fields devote an entire day each week to nothingness.
No work schedule, no obligations, no deadlines.


You are probably thinking:
"But if I devote a whole day to doing nothing,
I will have lost a lot of time that I will then have to make up for!"


Know that this is not the case.

These hours of emptiness will not only allow your mind to rest and recharge, but will make it more open to receive new ideas and insights.

Slow Sex needs a free mind in order to manifest in all its beauty, so let's help it emerge without having to make its way through the jungle of thoughts and worries that grows inside us every day!


  • You can start with only two hours a week, but make sure that these two hours are completely dedicated to you, your sacred space where nothing and no one can enter.
  • Turn off your cell phone and computer, stay away from any possible distractions.
  • If you have the opportunity, immerse yourself in Nature.
  • Learn to simply be with the person you too often take for granted: yourself.

The first few times you will certainly notice that your mind will be a veritable flood. Thoughts of all kinds will intertwine and this may make you feel increasingly agitated and nervous.

There is nothing wrong with this; this is how the mind works.
Let it flow, just like a river, but learn not to identify with the thoughts!

The two key words should be: relaxation and listening.
They will help you to be less a slave to the mind, less at the mercy of your negative imagination and thus able to take your relationship to a higher level.


Second Secret

Taking care of your body is the first step
to taking care of ourselves and each other.
It is the bridge that connects our soul
with the physical dimension.

We forget too often that the body is our temple, it is sacred, and unfortunately conditions of the society in which we live every day (the food we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use), definitely do not help it stay healthy and fit!

We also need to take care of it because its state of well-being and vitality profoundly affects our sexual sphere.

Here is a secret to awaken your body by triggering new biochemical processes by adopting a simple daily habit (while reading you may feel a slight tingling in some parts of your body, it is a sign that the energy is already being reactivated):



Here is a method that can be practiced by anyone, but it tremendously increases one's inner power and helps release dormant energies.

Sure, thinking about exposing yourself to the cold can be scary, but don't worry here we are not talking about plunging into frozen lakes for hours.

In fact, to put this very ancient practice into practice in a simple way, all you need:
a shower at home!

That's right, the next time you take a hot shower, finish with cold water by slowly rising from the bottom up in this sequence:

  • Right foot
  • Right leg
  • Left foot
  • Left leg
  • Hands
  • Arms
  • Then ending by cooling the whole body.

It will only take a few seconds or minutes (depending on your endurance) to immediately feel a wave of energy literally expand throughout your body.

If you feel like chanting, screaming or doing strange primitive dances... it's normal, you are not going crazy :-)

It is about the adrenaline that this technique releases in the body.

As you practice more and more you will find that you can lengthen the duration of exposure to the cold, up to 8-10 minutes.

You will have reached a very high state of inner calm and physical endurance, and this will infuse your sexual sphere with an incredible new energy.
You will literally be invaded by a new energy in the genital area, a pulsating heat that you had never felt before.

Try it to believe ;-)


Third Secret

Gratitude is by far the most powerful force
most powerful in this Universe.
The highest and purest vibration that
a human being can feel. 

Feeling sincere gratitude puts us in a position to change thoughts, heal emotional wounds and even accelerate physical healing processes.

Gratitude is the fastest, most powerful and effective means you have to raise your energy thereby transforming your life and experiencing sex on a level you cannot even imagine now.

That is why being grateful is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your partner.

There are millions of reasons to be grateful now, right now, this very instant!

Take notice!

You are wearing clean clothes, you are breathing, there are people who love you, there are people you love, you have something to eat every day, you can drink drinking water, you have the money you need to live with dignity, you have a roof over your head...the list could be endless!

You can start feeling grateful immediately, right now, right now!
Just do it, you will immediately notice the difference.

The more grateful you are, the more you will experience occasions for which to be grateful!

Gratitude is an extraordinary tool.
It will profoundly change your days and the new energy you give off will raise the vibration of your sex life!

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To your Happiness

Love Master Academy™ team



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