The Slow Sex, the NEW product of Love Master Academy™

Within The Slow Sex we have gathered MILLENNIUM WISDOM on elevated sexuality and spiritual connection, combining it with the latest SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES in the fields of psychology and self-healing.

You will be guided step-by-step through a transformative journey with exercises and practical advice that will immediately rekindle the flame of your love and lead you to experience unimagined, heart-driven pleasure.

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"The Slow Sex is fantastic because it highlights how couple sexuality is closely linked to our inner evolution. I recommend it to all people seeking positive change in their lives and in their relationships." - Matt P.

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Your frequently asked questions

What is Love Master Academy™?

Love Master Academy™ is a portal dedicated to the evolution of the couple and the individual through an awakened, higher and heart-driven sexuality.What makes the content of Love Master Academy unique is that it blends millennia-old knowledge about spirituality and inner work with the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of psychology, quantum physics and self-healing.All of the work is inspired by the timeless teachings of such luminaries as Eckhart Tolle, Joe Vitale, Dr. Ilaheakala Hew Len, Diana Richardson and many others.

Is it suitable for me as well?

Yes, everything you will find within Love Master Academy is really for everyone and all ages.There are no fixed protocols or rules to follow. All the books can also be read just as informational or inspirational content.They will help you express who you are deep inside and elevate your love through practices, tips and exercises applicable by everyone, which you can take one at a time within your relationship (respecting your own and your partner's time).Everyone will take what they are ready to receive.Each of you is unique and your path will be unique.

Is the content suitable for those of advanced age?

All the work of Love Master Academy™ is designed for all ages, and is perfect even for the otherwise young :-)Inside the books you will find tips and practices adaptable to even the most common characteristics of relationships in old age, allowing you to keep your sexuality alive and explore new nuances of your love.

What about pregnant women?

We are not therapists, sexual counselors and do not replace any professional medical figure, so we advise you, to be safe, to seek the advice of a specialist.Love Master Academy, among other things, teaches how to make love in the most natural way that is most connected with our deepest feeling.Each couple will be able to adapt this method according to their own period of life, their physical and emotional condition, but above all according to their own feeling.

Can your methods also be practiced by same-sex couples or couples of other orientations?

Within our products we always refer lexically to a couple consisting of a man and a woman, but the same principle also applies to same-sex couples or couples of other orientations. In fact, if the couple is balanced, polarities can be expressed despite the fact that the two partners are of the same sex since one of them will be the carrier of male energy while the other will be the carrier of female energy.

What is your policy on refunds?

If after reading our books we have failed to inspire or expand even a small part of your life or vision of sexuality, you can request the full amount of the package back. Write an email request specifying the reasons within 15 days of your purchase to We will evaluate your request as soon as possible.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is our priority.
We know how important privacy and discretion is, especially in such a personal and intimate setting.
For this reason, your order and email will remain absolutely anonymous, not appearing in any section of the site.
For more specifics, please see our page dedicated to privacy policy.

How does instant downloading work?

After you make your purchase you will receive a link on your personal email (which you will indicate in checkout). Through that link you will download the product folder you have chosen directly to your device.

With what devices can I read digital books?

All Love Master Academy digital books and bonus features in the bundles are in PDF format that is perfectly compatible with any smartphone, tablet or computer. Read it on your preferred device!